Given the success of introducing an online version of our “Type level programming with GHC” course, we’re offering this again alongside two of our other courses: “Compact Introduction to Haskell” and “Performance and Optimisation”. These courses are now available to book online on a first come, first served basis. If you want to book a ticket but they have sold out, please sign up to the waiting list, in case one becomes available.

Training course details

All of these courses will be a mixture of lectures, discussions and live coding delivered via Google Meet. The maximum course size is deliberately kept small (up to 8 participants) so that it is still possible to ask and discuss individual questions. These will be delivered by Andres Löh, who has more than two decades of Haskell experience and has taught many courses to varied audiences.

Type-level Programming with GHC

An overview of Haskell language extensions designed for type-level programming and expressing more properties of your programs statically

14-15th October 2019, 0900-1300 BST (2 sessions, each 4 hours)

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