The Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) workshop is in Edinburgh this year, on the 4th September, along with the developer tracks on the 3rd and 5th. Both Duncan and I will be there, as well as at ICFP and the other co-located events. If you'll be there then and would like to talk to us, either about Well-Typed or about the Industrial Haskell Group (IHG), then drop us an e-mail or just find us during the week.

In the mean time, if you'd like to give a 25 minute talk about your experiences with functional programming at CUFP, then you have just two weeks to submit a proposal. These talks are a great way for everyone to benefit from each others' experiences. The call says:

Talks are typically 25 minutes long, but can be shorter. They aim to inform participants about how functional programming played out in real-world applications, focusing especially on the re-usable lessons learned, or insights gained. Your talk does not need to be highly technical; for this audience, reflections on the commercial, management, or software engineering aspects are, if anything, more important. You do not need to submit a paper! Talks on the practical application of functional programming with a primarily technical focus may also be appropriate for the adjacent DEFUN 2009 event.

If you are interested in offering a talk, or nominating someone to do so, send an e-mail to francesco(at)erlang-consulting(dot)com or jim(dot)d(dot)grundy(at)intel(dot)com by 15 May 2009 with a short description of what you'd like to talk about or what you think your nominee should give a talk about. Such descriptions should be about one page long.