GHC 7.8 first release candidate

Monday, 03 February 2014, by Austin Seipp.
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This is the first blog post by our colleague Austin. Austin is one of our GHC engineers, part of the GHC HQ team and carries the heavy burden of being GHC release manager.

Today, GHC 7.8.1 RC1 has been released after many months of work, with a huge number of new features.

There are some great highlights in the new release, including:

See the release notes for the full details.

You can download the sources or pre-built binaries for your platform.

How big has this release been? The other day I did an approximated diffstat between the 7.6 and 7.8 branches:

2784 non-merge changesets
964 files changed, 99952 insertions(+), 116187 deletions(-)

That's just in GHC itself, not including the extra repositories. We've had contributions from over 70 people this release, including 15 new committers in 2013 and 2014. As always, GHC HQ and our many other contributors have yet more stuff planned for the future (Overloaded Record Fields, Applicative Do, further integer-gmp optimizations, and more type system features).

This release includes over a year of hard work by many people, and hopefully it will turn out to be a great release (finally). But please try the RC — it's much easier for us to fix bugs before it's done!

And on that note: we're planning on doing an RC2 soon, as we know there are some current issues for people using platforms like OS X Mavericks, and packages like lens. As we've learned, there's eventually diminishing returns, so we're getting it out now in the hopes we can swat the last few things swiftly with your help.