Position:Haskell Consultant
Based in:Austin TX, USA
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Austin Seipp

Austin has been a programmer for over 13 years, the last 7 of which he’s spent investigating functional programming languages and techniques. He’s a known member of the Haskell community, having been a long time contributor to the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. His interests mostly lie in low-level systems software, security, and high level programming languages. He has a particular interest in seeing functional programming and formal methods applied to security problems.

In a prior life, Austin worked on backup software in a world of filesystems, kernel drivers, web UIs and databases. His last major role was as a security researcher, which included plenty of reverse engineering and exploit development. When he’s not hacking away on something open source or learning mathematics, he spends an awful lot of his spare time these days either swimming at a pool, or reading books.