Position:Haskell Consultant
Based in:Igls, Austria
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Ian Ross

Ian first started working in the software industry in 1992. He has worked in finance, defence (mostly naval sonar), oceanography and general software development, interleaving commercial work with academic studies. Ian has experience in the development of language tools, scientific data analysis, embedded programming, low-level networking and transaction processing systems, working in a wide range of languages and environments.

After originally studying physics at Oxford, Ian did Part III Maths in Cambridge, spent three years as a PhD student back in Oxford working on atmospheric remote sensing (a project cut short by the loss of Mars Climate Orbiter in 1999), then completed a PhD in climate modelling and data analysis in Bristol in 2008, before holding postdoctoral positions in atmospheric modelling in Canada (working on stochastic models of tropical convection) and ecological modelling in France.

A relatively recent convert to Haskell, he now spends most of his time working on exploiting the power of Haskell for scientific data analysis tasks.