Position:Haskell Consultant
Based in:Utrecht, Netherlands
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Martijn Schrage

Martijn wrote his first lines of Haskell in the pre-monad days of 1992, when IO was still continuation based. He was immediately struck by the language’s elegance and expressiveness. At Utrecht University, he did a Master’s and a PhD both on Haskell-related subjects and subsequently worked there as a part-time teacher and part-time Haskell programmer on the Bayesian network editor Dazzle.

In 2009, Martijn left academia to start the company Oblomov Systems, with a grant for a follow-up project to his PhD research: a web-based version of the generic editor Proxima. Since then he has been developing mobile and Web applications, and has worked on several large Haskell projects. His interests include editors, user interaction, and domain-specific languages.