Parallel Haskell project underway

15 November 2010

GHC HQ and Well-Typed are pleased to report that work has started on the Microsoft Research funded project to push the real-world use of parallel Haskell.

We will be working with four industrial partners over the next two years, with the aim of demonstrating that parallel Haskell can be employed successfully in industrial projects.

Each group is working on their own project, applying parallel Haskell and their domain-specific expertise. In addition to providing advice on Haskell tools and techniques, we will work with these partners to identify and resolve any issues that are hindering progress. We are prepared to handle issues covering anything from the compiler and runtime system, through to platform, tool and library problems.

All the participants are working on complex, real-world problems. Three projects involve scientific problems, and the fourth involves network servers. Three of the projects are targeting single-node SMP systems, while the fourth is targeting clusters. In two cases, Haskell will be directly pitted against existing code written in C or C++.

The participating organizations, and their projects, are:

Dragonfly (New Zealand)
Cloudy Bayes: Hierarchical Bayesian modeling in Haskell
IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. (Japan)
Enterprise Network Servers in Haskell
Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
High Performance Monte Carlo Simulations
Willow Garage Inc. (USA)
Distributed Rigid Body Dynamics in ROS

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