Parallel Haskell project expanded

31 August 2011

GHC HQ and Well-Typed are pleased to report that the Parallel Haskell project, funded by microsoft Research, has expanded to take on two additional partners.

The new partners are Telefónica and VETT UK. Both are early adopters of Cloud Haskell, a new parallel programming framework for Haskell that is being developed as part of the Parallel Haskell project.

The complete list of participating organizations, and their projects, is now:

Telefónica (Spain)
Analysing Social Networks using Bron-Kerbosch Algorithm with Cloud Haskell
Financial Transaction Processing using Cloud Haskell
Dragonfly (New Zealand)
Cloudy Bayes: Hierarchical Bayesian modeling in Haskell
IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. (Japan)
Enterprise Network Servers in Haskell
Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
High Performance Monte Carlo Simulations
Willow Garage Inc. (USA)
Distributed Rigid Body Dynamics in ROS

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