Windows 64bit GHC port: First alpha release

19 June 2012

The Industrial Haskell Group has recently funded work by Well-Typed to make a Windows 64bit port of GHC. The port will officially be released as part of the upcoming GHC 7.6.1 release, but in the mean-time we are pleased to announce that an alpha release is available.

An installer for the alpha release is now available for download.

If you encounter any problems with the alpha, please report them.

If any significant issues are found, then the platform page will be updated.

About the IHG

The Industrial Haskell Group (IHG) is an organisation to support the needs of commercial users of the Haskell programming language.

The IHG funds work to improve the Haskell ecosystem for industrial Haskell users.

About Well-Typed

Well-Typed LLP is a Haskell services company, providing Haskell consultancy services and writing bespoke Haskell applications.