Hackage hacking and demo

Duncan Coutts – Wednesday, 24 September 2008

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Don and I are doing our quick talk about hackage and the Haskell platform tomorrow. Chris and Eelco from Tupil have been helping us prepare some cool visualisations of Hackage. This one shows each package as a circle with the size indicating the number of other packages that use it. So the base package is the biggest of course with 754 other packages that use it.

Packages on hackage

Here we have Neil and the Tupil guys brainstorming about the user interaction and visual design of the new hackage. The big idea is using search (i.e. hoogle) as the primary interface.

Hackage hacking

The new hackage server implementation is something that Lemmih (of HAppS fame) and myself have been working on in the last couple months. We'll be demoing it in the talk tomorrow. I promise I'll announce it properly some time soon.