I promised to post the slides from our talk on the Haskell Platform which Don and I presented at the Haskell Symposium yesterday.

Haskell: Batteries Included

Malcolm did us all a great service by videoing the talks. Unfortunately he had to catch his flight home before our talk so there is no video for that one.

Don did the talk with the slides and I did the live demo. Fortunately the demo worked. We ran the new hackage server on my laptop and we invited people to connect. I demoed uploading a new package and within a few seconds people in the audience were able to download and install it using cabal-install. That of course is old hat to the open source Haskell hackers but part of what we were trying to do is to persuade the academics to make better use of Hackage to publish libraries and tools that they develop as part of their research.

One new thing we demoed was generating build reports and uploading them back to the hackage server. In fact we had several people in the audience upload report for the new package within 30 seconds of me uploading it. The build reporting is part of the plan for testing the packages in the Haskell Platform but more generally to gather information on what packages build in what environments.