As I'm sure you remember, as part of the Haskell OpenSPARC project, Sun has donated a SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server to the community.

Björn took delivery of the server a month or so ago and now that the IT folk at Chalmers are back from holiday it's installed in the server room. It's just been given a public IP and I've been able to log in for the first time. We've now got to get software configured and get ghc working, so don't ask for accounts just yet.

Björn took some photos as he was getting it set up:

Photo of the inside of a T5120 server, showing the heatsink and all the memory sticks

So that's what 32GB of memory looks like! Under that little heatsink is the T2 CPU with its 8 cores, each core multiplexing 8 threads.

A T5120 with the case off showing all the components

It's a 1U form factor so it uses lots of little fans which you can see at the left and clear plastic ducts to channel the airflow over the memory and the CPU heatsink. In the bottom right you can see the dual power supplies.

Remember, if you want to hack on this project for three months, the closing deadline for applications is Friday the 5th of September.

I should make it clear that although I am a consultant with Well-Typed and also the coordinator for the OpenSPARC project, the project is really nothing to do with Well-Typed. It's a joint project between Sun Microsystems and the community. I'm wearing my community hat for this one.