To the Hackathon!

Duncan Coutts – Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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I'm off tomorrow morning to the Haskell Hackathon in Zurich. I'm looking forward to seeing people.

I don't have particular plans yet for what I will be working on, though undoubtedly it'll be related to the Cabal/Hackage/Platform projects. Of course the point of a hackathon is to get people together to share ideas and enthusiasm, so it's usually best not to have too fixed ideas about how to spend one's time.

By the way, in case anyone has been wondering why I've been so quiet since the beginning of the year; I've been in hiding (i.e. mostly offline) doing the final push on my DPhil thesis. It's getting pretty close now; I sent my long-suffering supervisor a 180-page draft the other day. I'm really looking forward now to getting it over with and moving on to new commercial and academic projects.