Well-Typed have successfully delivered an application in Haskell to meet NATS requirements in order to analyse air traffic in UK airspace. Since the beginning of the year UK airline operators have been using the software to fine-tune aspects of their future schedules.

Sid Mohangee, project manager at NATS, said:

"At the beginning of the project I set our suppliers a challenging schedule. Well-Typed's use of Haskell and a small expert team worked out well. They worked closely with me and my team and together we were able to adjust quickly to changing customer requirements. We delivered the project on schedule."

The use of Haskell allowed the software to be developed rapidly, while at the same time giving confidence in its correctness. Well-Typed used the standard suite of Haskell techniques, libraries and tools, including testing with QuickCheck and code coverage with HPC.

In light of the success in this project, NATS is considering further use of Haskell as part of its technology strategy.

About Well-Typed

Well-Typed LLP is a Haskell services company, providing Haskell consultancy services and writing bespoke Haskell applications.


About NATS

NATS is the UK's leading air traffic services provider. It provides air traffic control to all en-route aircraft in UK airspace, and to aircraft at 15 of the UK's biggest airports.