How much tea

Duncan Coutts – Friday, 14 January 2011

all well-typed  

Have you ever wondered how much tea an Englishman needs to drink to write a PhD thesis? After expending considerable time and effort I have discovered that the answer is approximately this much...

A PhD thesis on top of a big stack of empty tea boxes.

So yes, the news is that I have finally (!) submitted my thesis. My poor examiners now have to read the thing. I am looking forward to finding out what they think of it at my viva later this year.

In the mean time I will be able to start working full-time on well-typed's numerous ongoing projects. I also expect to have a bit more spare time to spend on things like cabal development. There's a long cabal patch queue and an even longer bug and TODO queue to catch up with.

The thesis itself is about stream fusion. I have tried to prove that stream fusion is a correct transformation and also tried to give a reasonably convincing argument that it is in fact an optimisation. I will also shortly be publishing a technical report on bytestrings.