I was at the Tech Mesh London conference at the end of last year giving a talk about Haskell's approach to parallel programming. While I was there I did an interview with Werner Schuster from InfoQ which is now up on their site.

Duncan Coutts on Parallelism and Concurrency with Haskell, Distributed Programming with Cloud Haskell

Duncan Coutts explains the nature of Concurrency and Parallelism in Haskell, its threading and STM implementation, Erlang OTP's influence on Cloud Haskell for distributed programming, Monads, and more.

Of course since I was at the conference to tell everyone about deterministic parallelism in Haskell then we talked about that a bit, and how that is different from concurrency.

While we were talking about STM I went off on a bit of a rant about Node.js, async I/O and how we do sequential imperative programming so much better in Haskell. Hopefully people find that interesting. It's a topic that I think doesn't get enough attention.

We also touched on Cloud Haskell and Werner put me on the spot by asking what my favourite monad is.

My thanks to Werner for an interesting chat, and to the people at InfoQ for the A/V and other technical work.