We are offering Haskell courses in San Francisco and New York in early June.

They are for professional developers who want to learn Haskell or improve their skills. There is a 2-day introductory course and a 2-day advanced course.

Locations, dates and registration

Well-Typed are running these courses in partnership with FP Complete and Skills Matter.

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Introductory Course: June 4-5th, 2013
  • Advanced Course: June 6-7th, 2013
  • $1300 for each course, with 15% discount if you book both

Register via FP Complete.

New York

  • Introductory Course: June 10-11th, 2013
  • Advanced Course: June 12-13th, 2013
  • $1495 for each course, with 15% discount before April 29th

Register via Skills Matter: introductory course, or advanced course.