Edsko is in London this week running our regular Haskell training courses. Last night he gave a talk, as part of the Skills Matter "In The Brain" series, on the subject of lazy I/O in Haskell and the various old and new alternatives.

(Alternatives to) Lazy I/O

by Edsko de Vries

If you are lucky enough to be in or near London, there is now quite a range of free evening Haskell events to keep an eye out for:

  • The Skills Matter "In The Brain" talks. These are free evening events and there are talks on Haskell or functional programming fairly regularly. They're generally at the introductory or intermediate level.
  • The London Haskell User Group is alive and running talks again. These are now quite well attended.
  • The Haskell Hoodlums group does monthly "coding dojo" events where beginners and experts work together on a shared problem.

These are all fun, friendly events to learn a bit more and meet up with fellow Haskellers and get involved with the community.