In October 2016, we are co-organizing various events in London. Now is the time to register for:

  • the Haskell eXchange, a two-day three-track conference with a large number of Haskell-related talks and workshops on a wide variety of topics, including keynotes by Simon Peyton Jones, Don Stewart, Conor McBride and Graham Hutton;

  • the Haskell eXchange Hackathon, a two-day event for everyone who wants to get involved coding on projects related to the Haskell infrastructure, such as Hackage and Cabal;

  • our Haskell courses, including a two-day introductory course, a one-day course on type-level programming in GHC, and a two-day course on lazy evaluation and performance.

Haskell eXchange

Thursday, October 5 – Friday, October 6

The Haskell eXchange is a general Haskell conference aimed at Haskell enthusiasts of all skill levels. The Haskell eXchange is organized annually, and 2016 is its fifth year. For the second year in a row, the venue will be Skills Matter’s CodeNode, where we have space for three parallel tracks. New this year: a large number of beginner-focused talks. At all times, at least one track will be available with a talk aimed at (relative) newcomers to Haskell. Of course, there are also plenty of talks on more advanced topics. The four keynote speakers are Simon Peyton Jones, Don Stewart, Conor McBride and Graham Hutton.

Registration is open; you can buy tickets via Skills Matter.

Haskell eXchange Hackathon

Saturday, October 7 – Sunday, October 8

We are going to repeat the successful Haskell Infrastructure Hackathon that we organized last year directly after the Haskell eXchange. Once again, everyone who is already contributing to Haskell projects related to the Haskell infrastructure as well as everyone who wants to get involved and talk to active contributors is invited to spend two days hacking on various projects, such as Hackage and Cabal.

Registration is open. This event is free to attend (and you can attend independently of the Haskell eXchange), but there is limited space, so you have to register.

Haskell courses

Fast Track to Haskell

Monday, October 3 – Tuesday, October 4

This is a two-day general introduction to Haskell, aimed at developers who have experience with other (usually non-functional) programming languages, and want to learn about Haskell. Topics include defining basic datatypes and functions, the importance of type-driven design, abstraction via higher-order functions, handling effects (such as input/output) explicitly, and general programming patterns such as applicative functors and monads. This hands-on course includes several small exercises and programming assignments that allow to practice and feedback from the instructor during the course.

Registration is open; you can buy tickets via Skills Matter.

Guide to the Haskell Type System

Wednesday, October 5

This one-day course focuses on several of the type-system-oriented language extensions that GHC offers and shows how to put them to good use. Topics include the kind system and promoting datatypes, GADTs, type families, moving even more towards dependent types via the new TypeInType. The extensions will be explained, illustrated with exampls, and we provide advice on how and when to best use them.

Registration is open; you can buy tickets via Skills Matter.

Guide to Haskell Performance

Monday, October 9 – Tuesday, October 10

In this two-day course, we focus on how to write performant Haskell code that scales. We systematically explain how lazy evaluation works, and how one can reason about the time and space performance of code that is evaluated lazily. We look at various common pitfalls and explain them. We look at data structures and their performance characteristics and discuss their suitability for various tasks. We also discuss how one can best debug the performance of Haskell code, and look at existing high-performance Haskell libraries and their implementation to learn general techniques that can be reused.

Registration is open; you can buy tickets via Skills Matter.

Other courses and events

Well-Typed also offers on-demand on-site training and consulting. Please contact us if you are interested in consulting, or in events or courses that are not listed here.

We also have a low-volume mailing list where we occasionally announce events that we organize or participate in (subscribe here).