We are excited to be teaching Haskell courses once again – in June 2017, at Skills Matter’s CodeNode venue in London.

We are offering three courses:

Fast Track to Haskell (26-27 June)

Compact two-day course aimed at software developers with no prior experience in Haskell who want to learn the fundamentals of Haskell and functional programming.

Guide to the Haskell Type System (28 June)

One-day course covering most of GHC’s extensions of the Haskell type system, such as GADTs, data kinds, and type families. Suitable for Haskellers who want to get most out of Haskell’s powerful type system and understand the trade-offs involved.

Guide to Haskell Performance and Optimization (29-30 June)

Two-day course focusing on the internals of GHC, the evaluation strategy, how programs are compiled and executed at run-time. Explains how to choose the right data structure for your program in a lazy functional language, what kind of optimizations you can expect the compiler to perform, and how to write beautiful programs that scale.

Each of these courses is open for registration, with reduced rates available if you book soon.

The courses will also be held again in October 2017, in connection with the Haskell eXchange.

We also provide on-site (and remote) courses tailored to your specific needs. If you want to know more, have a look at our training page or contact us.

Other upcoming events

The following are some other events in 2017 we are planning to participate in (we may be at other events, too):

ZuriHac (9-11 June 2017)

As in previous years, we’ll be at ZuriHac again, which is the largest European Haskell Hackathon. Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to try Haskell for the first time or an experienced Haskeller with many years of experience, we are looking forward to meeting you there.

ICFP + Haskell Symposium + HIW + CUFP (3-9 September 2017)

The annual International Conference on Functional Programming will take place in Oxford this year. A full week of events focused on functional programming, including the two-day Haskell Symposium and the Haskell Implementors Workshop. There’s also the Commercial Users of Functional Programming conference which features several tutorials on various programming languages and techniques.

We will certainly be there and participate actively.

Haskell eXchange (12-13 October 2017 + 14-15 October 2017)

The two-day Haskell developer conference organized by us and Skills Matter in London is back for another year. We are currently looking for talk proposals for this conference, so if you have anything you would like to present, please submit! Registration is also open already, and tickets are cheaper the earlier you book.

There’s also going to be a two-day hackathon / unconference on the weekend after the Haskell eXchange.

If you would be interested in sponsoring the Haskell eXchange, please let us know.