Upcoming events

In the upcoming months, Well-Typed will be participating in a number of events that we would like to advertise here:

Well-Typed’s Guide to the Haskell Type System

London, 10 October 2018

On the day before the Haskell eXchange, Adam Gundry will teach a single-day compact course on Haskell type system extensions. Learn all about GADTs, data kinds, rank-n polymorphism, type families and more.

Registration is open.

Haskell eXchange 2018

London, 11–12 October 2018

The Haskell eXchange will return to London for the seventh time, with keynotes by Simon Peyton Jones, Stephanie Weirich, Niki Vazou and Simon Marlow, and more than 30 other talks on all topics Haskell. This year’s programme includes three talks by Well-Typed: Andres Löh on Deriving Via, Duncan Coutts on the Cardano Cryptocurrency, and David Eichmann on Geometry with Denotational Design.

Registration is open.

Well-Typed’s Guide to Performance and Optimisation

London, 15–16 October 2018

After the Haskell eXchange, Andres Löh will teach a two-day course on performance and optimisation. Learn about data structures, performance pitfalls, common optimisations that GHC applies, how to read GHC’s internal Core language, and more.

Registration is open.

MuniHac 2018

Unterföhring / Munich, 16–18 November 2018

After the successful MuniHac in 2016, we will have a second MuniHac in Munich this November! Join us for three days of conversations and hacking on Haskell libraries, applications and tools. Everyone is welcome, whether beginner or expert. There are some talks, including keynotes by Ben Gamari from Well-Typed, Matthew Pickering from the University of Bristol and Ryan Scott from Indiana University. Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn and improve. You can work on your own project or join others in theirs.

Well-Typed is co-organising this event with TNG Technology Consulting. The event is free to attend, but the number of spaces is limited, so be sure to register early.

Registration is open.