On May 2, I’m going to teach an all new course at Skills Matter in London:

Well-Typed’s Guide to the Haskell Type System

May 2, 2014 in London (1 day)
£595 + VAT

This course is going to cover advanced type system features of Haskell and GHC in detail. It is aimed at developers who are fascinated by Haskell and the power of its type system, and want to know what’s possible and learn how to get even more out of it.

Among other topics, we’re going to cover

  • Higher-ranked polymorphism
  • GADTs (generalized algebraic datatypes)
  • Type families

The course includes exercises, and we’re going to look at actual code on Hackage and see how these advanced features of the type system are being used in practice.

You don’t need to be a Haskell expert in order to participate, but familiarity with the basics will be assumed.

The course is open for registration via the Skills Matter site.

Regular courses

In the same week, we’re also offering our regular two-day introductory and advanced Haskell courses again:

Well-Typed’s Fast Track to Haskell

April 28–29 in London (2 days)
£1195 + VAT

This highly practical course teaches you the basics of Haskell. Functions and datatypes, pattern matching, higher-order functions, input and output, and (of course) monads.

Well-Typed’s Advanced Haskell

April 30–May 1 in London (2 days)
£1195 + VAT

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn about data structures, how data is represented in memory, reasoning about lazy evaluation and performance, parallelism and concurrency, and design patterns such as monads, applicative functors, and monad transformers.


If you have any questions about which course might be the right one for you, or if you’d be interested in a course that isn’t listed here, please check our training page for further information or email us.