Position:Haskell Consultant
Based in:Angers, France
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Nicolas Pouillard

Nicolas has been using Haskell since 2008 and more generally functional programming since 2002 (OCaml, Coq, Agda). He developed Haskell libraries and tools and also contributed to existing Haskell projects such as Agda, XMonad, Yi, Darcs, and UMM.

He spent five years at INRIA Paris/Rocquencourt in the team of Xavier Leroy. In this team, he re-worked the pre-processor Camlp4, worked on a front-end compiler for Intel, developed ocamlbuild, and obtained a PhD on type systems for meta-programming with François Pottier (Paris-Diderot University).

He then spent three years as a post-doctoral researcher at the IT-University of Copenhagen as part of the DemTech project. In this project he investigated how to build voting systems based on cryptographic protocols whose program implementation and mathematical proofs can be mechanically verified.

He now works as a consultant using Haskell when possible. For instance he worked with Liquid Democracy e.V. on AuLa, a voting web application geared towards school students.