We’re glad to announce that we will be working with Hasura on improvements to GHC tooling over the coming months. We are looking forward to this work and would like to thank Hasura for this investment in the Haskell community. More details are available on the Hasura blog:


I’m excited to announce an engineering collaboration and partnership with the great folks at Well Typed to be working with them on improving open-source tooling in the Haskell ecosystem.


Most recently, we’ve been investigating memory fragmentation in GHC Haskell and found limitations in the profiling tools available, so we’re planning to support ongoing development efforts on ghc-debug and help improve GHC’s DWARF support for tracking running code back to source file locations. This will unlock many possibilities for easier profiling of production Haskell code.

We’re excited to be working with David Eichmann, Ben Gamari and the team at Well Typed over the coming months. And special thanks of course to Adam Gundry for helping this collaboration come together!

Well-Typed maintains and actively contributes to GHC thanks to support from a number of companies who are interested in improving the Haskell ecosystem for everyone. If your company might be willing to help fund our work on GHC or other core Haskell libraries, please drop us an email.