Rodrigo Mesquita

Haskell Consultant

Based inLisbon, Portugal

Rodrigo is writing his Master’s Thesis on a linear type system for Core that can validate optimizing transformations with regard to linearity. He marvels at the ideas from the Haskell community and finds joy in reading papers and using mathematical abstractions.

His initial contributions to GHC refactored the Template Haskell parts of the AST following the Trees That Grow paper, and his involvement in modularizing the Haskell AST culminated in telling everyone at ZuriHac in 2022 that he would make the AST GHC-independent. However, there, the term “equality saturation” took over and he spent some months writing and optimizing an e-graphs and equality saturation library for Haskell, which he hopes to use in the pattern-match-checker one day.

Currently, his side project is a Vulkan-based, shader-centric, type-heavy game engine written in Haskell. Rodrigo is also interested in non-programming languages (in particular German, Japanese, and Russian), music theory (and its connection to math) and playing music.